URGENT – Your action is required today

Good morning,

There are 2 simple, quick ways to let the Executive Committee know your concerns about the Buttonwood Park proposal.

1. Sign the petition at:

2. Send a short email (addresses below) asking to defer a decision until there is reasonable public consultation.

To be clear, our primary issues are:

  1. building on public parkland without prior community input.
  2. favouring one private interest group with no opportunity for other groups to be considered.
  3. lack of transparency around the choice of location for this initiative.


Email Office
1  Paul Ainslie councillor_ainslie@toronto.ca 416-392-4008
2  Alejandra Bravo Councillor_Bravo@toronto.ca 416-392-7012
3  Shelley Carroll councillor_carroll@toronto.ca 416-338-2650
4 Olivia Chow mayor_chow@toronto.ca 416-397-CITY (2489)
5  Mike Colle councillor_colle8@toronto.ca 416-338-2500
6  Paula Fletcher councillor_fletcher@toronto.ca 416-392-4060
7  Ausma Malik Councillor_Malik@toronto.ca 416-392-4044
8  Josh Matlow councillor_matlow@toronto.ca 416-392-7906
9  Jennifer McKelvie councillor_mckelvie@toronto.ca 416-338-3771
10  Amber Morley Councillor_Morley@toronto.ca 416-397-9273
11  Gord Perks councillor_perks@toronto.ca 416-392-7919

HVVRA Board of Directors
June 16, 2024