Urgent Action Required

An important message to ALL Humber Valley Village Residents

In less than 3 weeks, City council is expected to pass a bill to permit “gentle density” – missing middle housing, on all “major streets”.

Islington, Royal York, Rathburn, Burnhamthorpe, Bloor St. West, and Kipling, among others, are classified as a “major street”.

The by-law zoning amendments will permit construction of 6-storey apartment buildings with up to 30 dwelling units, along major streets in low-rise neighbourhoods across Toronto. In other words, a 30 unit building would be permitted between two single family homes on the major streets.

In our view, the City has not conducted adequate, transparent consultation for residents of Etobicoke – many of whom will be impacted significantly – including their property values.

We support government initiatives to increase housing supply. We also want new housing to reflect and reinforce the character of the communities where they will be located. That ensures new housing is positive for everyone!

A single letter from any residents’ association, including ours, is easily dismissed by Planning staff and Councillors. Thousands of letters send an undeniable message. So, we need EVERY concerned resident to email your city councillor, MPP, and MP. Tell them you strongly oppose the legislation as it is currently written. It is not too late. Email addresses are at the bottom of this letter.

Meanwhile, HVVRA is reaching out to all Etobicoke residents’ associations, (and others) urging them to do the same.

The Board of Directors, Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association

E-mail addresses (Etobicoke)

HVVRA Board of Directors
January 10, 2024