Update on Humbertown Development

Lately, we have only been hearing rumours about the near future of Humbertown Plaza. We contacted First Capital Realty (FCR) and now have a clear vision of their immediate plans.

FCR realizes that full completion of the new Humbertown development is still a ways in the future. In the meantime, the plaza needs to be upgraded for their tenants and for you, the shopper.

They are going to start with the enclosed South portion, from Alex Farms to the fountain area. New windows and materials on the exterior, enlarged skylights, reorganized retail spaces inside, and a new pedestrian link from Lambeth. Additional retailers will be introduced as well.

After speaking with many HVV residents, we have shared with First Capital our list of comments regarding what our residents would like to see introduced into the shopping centre. We are pleased that many of our goals are aligned and they will take into consideration our requests as they move through the renovation process.

There will be more upgrades to the rest of the plaza but FCR is currently focusing on the south section. They fully understand that HVV residents and retail merchants are the main stakeholders and they are trying to provide the best solution for us.