Update on Elia Corp/ St. Steven’s Court: The good, the bad, and the ugly — with a strong possibility for a happy ending.

The past few months, the HVVRA Board has been meeting with City Staff, Planning and our legal and planning experts to prepare for the hearing at the Ontario Municipal Board to oppose Elia’s application. It begins January 5, 2017 and is expected to run for ten days.

The Good: 

  • Our experts feel we have a solid and defensible position.
  • Under the Official Plan (OP), “Neighbourhoods and Apartment Neighbourhoods are considered to be physically stable areas, not areas of significant growth.
  • Under the OP, “Development within [them] will be consistent with this objective and will respect and reinforce the existing physical character of buildings, streetscapes and open spaced patterns in these areas.”
  • This particular section of the apartment neighbourhood is located on a cul-de-sac and borders a city-owned parkette so it is not subject to the 6 – 8 storey heights permitted on avenues;and
  • The recently completed Site and Area Specific Policy (SASP) proposes heights on the street up to a maximum of 4 storeys and with stepbacks, to a maximum 6 storeys. The SASP has been approved by both Etobicoke and Toronto City Council although it has not been approved for the Official Plan by the Government of Ontario because Elia has appealed.
The Bad:
  • A rendering of Elia’s proposed16 storey tower (Building A) and 11 storey tower (Building D), north of the Kingsview rental building, is shown below
  • Now, imagine four additional towers, 12 storeys, 8 storeys and two at 6 storeys, on land currently occupied by four, 3 ½ storey buildings. This is what Elia has proposed. 
  • Elia proposes buildings from 23 metres to 55 metres tall which is 1.6 to 4.0 times higher than the 14 metre height limit currently permitted in R4 zoning.
  • The existing allowable density on St. Steven’s Court is 1.6 times the lot area. Elia proposes a density of 3.76 times the lot area. (By comparison, the new Humbertown will have a density of 2.06 times the lot area.
  • Elia proposes 603 units, almost four times greater than the 156 units being demolished and just 1 unit less than the 604 units approved for Humbertown.
The Ugly:
  • We have a cash shortfall of roughly $24k to pay our experts to help us fight this application at the OMB. To proceed to the OMB, we must have adequate funds. Otherwise, we’re done now. It’s that’s simple.
So, we are asking every household in Humber Valley Village to make a donation of $50 to $100 but any amount is appreciated.
Help us prevent excessive traffic, noise, school busing, (not just for new residents but for current residents whose children are not yet enrolled in a local school) loss of privacy and green space, water and infrastructure issues, and a drop in property values.
HVVRA Directors have worked tirelessly to get us this far and each has made a personal donation. We are asking you to make one as well. Together we can win this case!To make your donation, click on Donate at the top of the page

Sincere thanks,
HVVRA Board of Directors
October 27, 2016