Proposed Humbertown Development Summer 2013





  • Addition of 3 tall buildings ranging in height from 34m to 44 m (144 ft.)
  • Addition of 604 new residential units
  • 74% increase in commercial space
  • 90% reduction in above-ground parking (from 529 spaces today to just 51 spaces; an addition of 1,601 underground parking spaces)
  • 597% increase in total floor space (total of residential plus commercial; from 12,542 sq. m. to 74,897 sq m. (or 806,000 sq. ft.)
  • Destruction of nearly 150 trees on the site (including virtually all of the trees that form the canopy on Royal York and Ashley Park; on Royal York only four trees will be retained)
  • Widening of Ashley Park Rd. to 4 lanes

HVVRA’s concerns

The Humber Valley Village Residents Association (HVVRA) is not against the redevelopment of Humbertown Shopping Centre, but not a development of this magnitude. We have several concerns including:

  1. preserving the unique character of our neighbourhood
  2. height and massing of buildings
  3. elimination of front setbacks
  4. elimination of mature trees along Royal York and Ashley
  5. threat to long-term stability of our neighbourhood
  6. excessive physical intensity
  7. traffic impact and infrastructure
  8. precedence for additional intensification
  9. impact on community services
  10. lack of community open space