Proposal Humbertown Jan 2012

As promised, here are the links to all the documents the City of Toronto has received from FCR in their application to rebuild Humbertown Plaza.

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List of Documents From FCR DVD For HVVRA

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FCR Application Documents Jan 2012

Size: Name: Description:
3.148.164 commercialretailstudy_270kingsway.pdf
30.112.680 community services and faciltiies_270kingsway.pdf
6.536.829 concept_landscape_ground_roof_270kingsway.pdf
14.241.289 context plan_270kingsway.pdf
49.023.351 digitalmassmodel_270kingsway.skp
623.350 draft zoning by-law_270kingsway.pdf
6.890.259 geotechncial_270kingsway.pdf
7.672.504 hydrogeology_270kingsway.pdf
5.340.422 pedestrianlevelwind_270kingsway.pdf
7.165.902 phase i esa_270kingsway.pdf
13.311.117 phase ii esa_270kingsway.pdf
30.448.619 planning rationale_270kingsway.pdf Key Document
32.300.699 servicingstormwater_270kingsway.pdf
358.614 solidwaste_270kingsway.pdf
3.820.974 sunshadowstudy_270kingsway.pdf
509.414 tgs_checklist_270kingsway.pdf
23.581 tgs_statiscs_template_270kingsway.pdf
2.034.777 topo_boundarysurvey_270kingsway.pdf
1.505.898 tree preservation_270kingsway.pdf
172.827.637 urban design guidelines_270kingsway.pdf Key Document
33.336.677 urban transportation considerations_270kingsway.pdf
127.470 arborist_report_270kingsway.pdf
3.444.136 architecturaldrawings_a000_a101-107_270kingsway.pdf Key Document