Newsletter – Fall 2023

Dear HVVRA members,

We hope everyone enjoyed their summer. We are busy getting ready for our Annual General Meeting. Please see the details in the newsletter below. Among our special guests will be our city counsellor, Stephen Holyday and a representative from First Capital Realty to give an update on the the building at Humbertown. Also within our newsletter, you will find lots of information about our community. Please read on!

The HVVRA Board of Directors
September 27, 2023


Thursday, October 19, 2023 7:00 pm

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association (the “Corporation”), will be held in the Hearth Room at Humber Valley United Church, 76 Anglesey Blvd. on Thursday, October 19 commencing at 7:00 p.m. for the following purposes:

1. To receive and approve the minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on October 12, 2022;
2. To receive the financial statements of the Corporation for the financial year ended December 31, 2022;
3. To consider a resolution to not appoint an auditor and to not have an audit in the financial year ending December 31 2022;
4. To elect the Directors of the Corporation for the coming year; and
5. To transact such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting or any adjournments thereof.

A copy of this Notice is being emailed or delivered to each member of the Corporation.

DATED at Toronto, Ontario this day of September 27, 2023

BY ORDER of the Board of Directors

HVVRA Board of Directors
Sept. 27, 2023

On Sunday, Sept. 19, HVVRA helped out at the Fun Fair and BBQ hosted by Humber Valley United Church.

Complete with warm weather and sunshine, the event took place outside the church entrance. Some sixty people enjoyed free BBQ hotdogs and homemade baked treats, while relaxing at numerous tables and chairs set up on the lawn.

A dunk tank with volunteers, including the HVVRA’s own President!, willing to be ‘dropped’ into a large tank of cold water (yes, straight from the hose!) provided some amusing moments. Meanwhile, the Church’s Youth Committee supervised some outside games activities for the little ones.


Humber Valley United Church provides a wide range of mostly-free activities for those 55+. The Church has asked us to make our residents aware of these so more people will participate. We think residents would like to know about the many interactive opportunities available to them, right here in Humber Valley Village, so HVVRA will be sending out the Calendar of Events with future Newsletters. To view the newsletter, click here.

Leaf Collection

Mechanical Leaf Collection is changing in Etobicoke. The city has decided to eliminate mechanical leaf collection throughout the entire city. In recent years, only Etobicoke, York and Scarborough received this service. The city will be issuing an official notice in October. In the meantime, click <here> for the latest information.

New Traffic lights

At long last! New traffic signals are now operational on Dundas Street West at Wimbleton Road. It is expected they will help to slow down the ever-increasing volume of cars and bikes on Dundas and simultaneously make it safer for pedestrians, especially school children, to cross Dundas. While some residents have expressed concern that traffic will increase on Canterbury and Wimbleton, Toronto Traffic has said it does not share this concern but has promised to monitor the situation.

Improved Intersection Markings and Curbs

The intersection of Anglesey and The Kingsway has recently been upgraded with all-access curbs, a re-aligned bus stop on the north-east corner and freshly painted road markings. New interlock stones and grass on all four corners have significantly improved pedestrian crossings. With new apartment and condominium buildings adjacent to Humbertown nearing completion and occupancy, these upgrades are a welcome improvement!

New Crossing Guard Location

Hooray! A school crossing guard has been approved at the intersection of Anglesey Blvd. and The Kingsway starting September 5, 2023. The guard will be in place before and after school hours and over the lunch hour.

A crossing guard was requested by a local resident in 2019 but approval was delayed until recently because of school closures associated with COVID 19.

New high-rise apartment building proposed at Eglinton and Scarlett Rd.

Betovan Construction Limited has proposed to build a 29-storey rental apartment building with 306 rental units and 381 parking spaces within two underground parking levels. The new building will be located at 1 Richview Road (intersection of Eglington Ave. West and Scarlett Road).

The property is currently occupied by two 20-storey rental apartments buildings containing 365 residential units and two, ground floor commercial unity with surface parking. These buildings will be maintained in their present form. The entire property site is designated Apartment Neighbourhoods under the Official Plan (OP).

The application proposes constructing the new building on the vacant, under-utilized portion of the property fronting Eglington Avenue West, classified as a Transit Corridor (future site of the Eglington Crosstown LRT).

Edgehill House and James Gardens

The children’s camps at Edgehill House were very busy this summer. With building renovations now completed, drop-offs and pick-ups resumed in the Edgehill House parking lot. This resulted in fewer cars parking along the boulevard, making it safer for camp attendees and anyone walking in the area.

Close to the lower main James Garden parking lot, the new bridge/boardwalk from the main trail to the trail through the woods has been completed by the city. Additionally, drainage along the Humber River trail through Lambton Woods has been improved with two problematic areas receiving new culverts installed beneath the pathway. This is expected to improve drainage and result in less ice buildup during winter months. Overall, the area will offer more pleasant and safer walking and biking for everyone.

Mayoral Candidates Meeting Recap

Former City Councillor and long-time Humber Valley Village resident, John Campbell organized and hosted a community meeting on June 9, 2023, to give area residents the opportunity to hear from six leading candidates for the recent Toronto mayoral election. The HVVRA and 3 other Etobicoke residents’
associations endorsed and supported the meeting. Approximately 400 residents attended the lively discussion at Martingrove Collegiate.

Photo credit: Raul Lima

(Photo credit: Raul Lima) John Campbell served as Moderator. In attendance: Brad Bradford, Rob Davis, Mitze Hunter, George Mammoliti, Josh Matlow, Mark Saunders. Absent: Olivia Chow. An empty chair was left on-stage beside the candidates who acknowledged her absence when appropriate.

Prior to the meeting, Campbell had conducted a comprehensive survey to determine which topics/issues were top-of-mind for Etobicoke constituents. With a well-organized and thoughtful format, candidates responded to the questions raised. In a clever manner, candidates, who were often quite lively, were prevented however from talking or yelling over one another, something numerous televised debates seemed unable to control. The secret? Only 1 microphone is “on” at any time. The community is appreciative of John’s energy and determination to lure the candidates away from downtown Toronto to speak in Etobicoke at this important meeting.

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