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We need your help and we need it right now.  It’s time to let Community Council and Staff know you are concerned.

Please forward this email to your neighbours.

The HVVRA Executive have hosted 3 very well attended information meetings on April 3rd, April 12th and April 24th.   There has been resounding feedback among our HVVRA membership.

The Toronto Official Plan provides the authority for  a secondary plan review under Section 2.3.1 (3) which states:

  • “Intensification of lands adjacent to neighbourhoods will be carefully controlled so that neighbourhoods are protected from negative impact. Where significant intensification of land adjacent to a Neighbourhood or Apartment Neighbourhood is proposed Council will determine at the earliest point in the process whether or not a Secondary Plan, area specific zoning by-law or area specific policy will be created in consultation with the local community following an Avenue Study or Area based study.”

The secondary plan is a more formal and structured process that could help to ensure that our major concerns about the impact of this re-development project are properly addressed.  It is vital to extend the study boundary beyond just the Humbertown site.
Our HVVRA officially submitted a request for a Secondary Plan for Humbertown at the March-20, 2012 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting.  The Council will be making a decision to conduct (or not conduct) a Secondary Plan at the next Community Council meeting on May-15, 2012.  Between now and then we have the ability to influence the 11 Etobicoke/York Councillors who will be voting on this issue.
Please read the text below and compose in your own words a short e-mail that articulates your support for executing a  Secondary Plan.  Choose from the sample list of concerns provided to give your reasons why you think the impact is so significant.  Then e-mail your letter to the 3 City Staff and 11 Councillors listed at the bottom of this letter.

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Thank you for your support!

Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association


Etobicoke York Community Council Members

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Re: Proposed redevelopment of Humbertown Shopping Centre

I am a resident in Humber Valley Village and a member of the Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association.
I fully support HVVRA’s concerns about this application and empower the association to speak on my behalf. Specifically, I am concerned about:

  • preserving the unique character of our Humber Valley neighbourhood (with its low density housing)
  • excessive physical intensity and density of development
  • large height and massing of buildings
  • lack of major road system to support such a massive redevelopment
  • traffic impact and stress on existing infrastructure (schools, services, etc.)
  • complete elimination of front setbacks
  • precedence for additional intensification
  • lack of green and community open space for pedestrians
  • lack of direction and ambiguity of current zoning, development and planning policies.

(feel free to add other concerns you may have)

The City must conduct a secondary plan review before reviewing this application

A major concern I have is that the City is moving ahead to review a development application without undergoing the much needed  plan review.   A broader vision is needed to guide our neighbourhood’s development.

Please listen to the residents of Humber Valley and the Humber Valley Village Residents Association. Conduct a secondary review  to achieve a development that our community can support and one that preserves the unique nature of our neighbourhood.


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