On Tuesday, Sept. 10th, starting at 9:30 a.m., Etobicoke -York Community Council is holding a scheduled meeting, the agenda for which includes two motions vitally important to Humber Valley Village and neighbouring residents:

1. Council directed Secondary Plan. The report can be viewed at: CLICK HERE


Niels Christensen, president of HVVRA, will be representing the residents of Humber Valley Village (HVV) by giving a deputation at the Etobicoke York Community Council meeting.
Mr. Christensen will state that the Secondary Plan (SP) is absolutely necessary. HVVRA will also be supporting a Motion by Councillor Gloria Lindsey Luby to exclude Dundas St. from the SP, which has already been defined by the Avenues study in 2006. The Dundas Avenue study should only be used to ‘inform’ the SP Review.

Through HVVRA’s retained planning consultant, , the HVVRA has recommended to our Councillor that her Motion should also: “recommend the SP should provide planning standards to guide development for the Humbertown site, the Apartment Neighbourhood to the north and the Humber Valley Middle School; that should be the “output” of the process. However, to arrive at the standards for this area, the process should include studying the surrounding areas, including the single family neighbourhoods (to address the main issue of compatibility and reinforcement of the adjoining community), the transportation impacts on character (including an examination of the Royal York-Dundas-Kingsway interchange and local roads that support it), and the area’s proximity to the Provincial Growth Centre (Etobicoke Secondary Plan Area) which abuts the easterly edge of Humber Valley Village; these considerations should be the “input” into the process.

The SP should include the intensity, height and density of development in this area and what level and scale of development is appropriate and consistent with the host neighbouring communities;

  • the suitability of increased densities in this area should be considered, including by reviewing the road grid, road type, intersection deficiencies and centrality to a high calibre character neighbourhood;
  • the study must include an in depth examination of the character of the surrounding community

HVVRA will also be asking that the SP study be finalized and a report given by Sep 1, 2014, as we believe that early 2015 is too late.

2. Zoning by-law Amendments — St. Stevens Court. The report can be viewed at: CLICK HERE


As HVVRA Director, Dennis Melnbardis pointed out at the May 14 EYCC meeting, the application by the ELIA Corporation was not disclosed to HVVRA during the numerous meetings with the City Planning department, and that the HVVRA is opposed to a development of over 600 units in 6 towers up to16-storeys to replace 291 The Kingsway and 1 to 7 St. Stevens Court.
Mr. Melnbardis will again be speaking on behalf of Humber Valley Village residents at the EYCC meeting to reiterate HVVRA’s position.

The HVVRA Board welcomes a strong show of support. If you are able, please attend the meeting at Council Chambers, Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, commencing at 9:30am tomorrow.

The HVVRA Board will provide an update later that day at the AGM scheduled at Humber Valley United Church, Steed Hall starting at 7pm. To register, CLICK HERE

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