Humbertown Redevelopment Process/Timeline

Here is the process in a nutshell:

Application (Can apply to OMB 120 days after this date)

1-2 months for staff review

Preliminary report with no recommendations on application before Community Council

Community meeting called. Staff are to take note of concerns.

At this time, Councillor Lindsay Luby will call for a working group.

Next 6-9 months (could be longer in this particular case) the City will call on all agencies for comments (water, TTC, fire, transportation, etc). Peer review of applicants studies on wind, shadow, traffic, etc.

Final report written with recommendations from staff

1-2 months

Community Council (statutory public meeting)

1 month

City Council

If appealed:

OMB (6 months – year)

If further appealed:

Divisional Court