Deputation to Etobicoke York Community Council


Deputation to Etobicoke York Community Council
April 5, 2016

Good morning. My name is Joanne Pickard and I am on the Board of Directors of the Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association.

Many of our residents, the HVVRA Board of Directors and our Ward 4 Councillor, John Campbell, participated in the SASP Study. Guided by City Planning, we discussed architectural qualities, wide boulevards, sensitive built-form height, density, massing & proportions, strong and appropriate connections between built form and public realms, transition between areas of different development intensity and scale, appropriate building treatment and design, parking, servicing and traffic congestion and rental housing protection.

City Planning conducted its own independent analysis and agreed with the feedback they received from our community. There were many debates, but in the end, we want to publicly acknowledge that Planning really listened to us. Their conclusions and recommendations reflect our concerns as a community.

Our City Planners’ knowledge, experience, guidance, and professionalism have resulted in a thorough and comprehensive SASP report on the Humber Valley Apartment Neighbourhood. Accordingly, we support Council’s approval of Planning’s recommendations namely:

  1. To amend the Official Plan for Apartment Neighbourhood Lands in the Humbertown Study Area.
  2. To adopt the Edenbridge-Humber Valley Apartment Neighbourhood Design Guidelines in the review of all new development applications in the Humbertown study area.
  3. For the City solicitor to make stylistic and technical changes to the Draft Official Plan Amendment as may be required.

Thank you for conducting the SASP Study for the Humber Valley Apartment Neighbourhood.

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Humber Valley Village Residents Association
April 5, 2016

“A Village within the City”