Councillor Campbell Moves to Overturn City Council Decision on Humbertown Area Study

On January 13, 2015, at the first meeting of Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) since the election, Ward 4 Councillor John Campbell moved that Community Council reject the decision previously adopted by EYCC and City Council regarding the apartment buildings surrounding Humbertown Shopping Plaza.

Councillor Campbell recommended that Phase 2 of the Site and Area Specific Policy (SASP) be conducted by City Planning department, and not by an independent planning group. It will be voted on by City Council on February 10, 2015.

The Councillor tabled the motion under “New Business” so it did not show up as a specific agenda item. Consequently the HVVRA Board had no opportunity to lobby against it to prevent it from being passed.

This past summer, a series of community consultation meetings regarding the future of the 43, low rise apartments was well attended by area residents who repeatedly expressed their fear that Planning will approve mid-rise buildings comparable to the 12-storey building planned for the Humbertown site. Residents have strongly supported City Council’s decision to have the SASP conducted by an independent body.

The Board met with Councillor Campbell on January 20th to understand his rationale for making the motion. He said he felt it would not make any difference to the outcome and that it would save taxpayers’ money to use Planning Staff rather than outsourcing the study. He said he supports maintaining low rises in the area and will use his influence as a member of the Planning and Growth Management Committee to ensure Planning upholds this in its final report.

The SASP is expected to get underway in the near future and completed by the fall. Additional community consultation meetings are being planned.

Councillor Campbell can be reached at:

By telephone at 416-392-1369