FCR Proposal January, 2012

First Capital Realty Proposal January, 2012 [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][postgallery_image id=”stage_20120911″ data_source=”data-4″ orderby=”ASC” flickr_set=”No username entered” slidesetid=”FCR Proposal 2012-01″ timeout=”7″ animation=”scrollLeft” tween=”easeInOutExpo” lightbox=”yes” title=”FCR Proposal January, 2012″ align=”aligncenter” imageeffect=”frame” navigation=”leftrightonly”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Humbertown Shopping Centre slated for major redevelopment

Dec 5th,2011 First Capital Realty, the owner of the Humbertown Shopping Centre, is making an application with the City of Toronto for an extensive redevelopment plan of the neighbourhood shopping centre. Here is some background on the shopping centre, the proposed development, current status and how you can get involved.   Background on Humbertown Shopping

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Major Redevelopment Proposal for Humbertown

First Capital Realty (FCR), the owner of Humbertown Shopping Centre, is planning a major redevelopment and expansion of Humbertown. FCR recently provided a preview of the proposal to the HVVRA Board of Directors.  The proposal involves a complete redevelopment of the property, including a multi-stage  demolition of all of the existing shopping centre, and the construction of an

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