Bloor St. Bike Lanes Community Meetings

Dear HVV Resident

HVVRA did a very short survey of members regarding the bike lanes on Bloor Street and we received almost 100 responses. The results of the survey indicate that 85% of our members oppose these bike lanes. When asked if HVVRA should support or oppose these bike lanes, 75% thought HVVRA should oppose them, 5% thought we should support them, and 10% said that HVVRA should remain neutral.

As a result, we are engaging with other resident associations on the topic, and we are offering our support to groups that are taking a strong position on the subject. In keeping with the results of the survey, those groups are mostly ones that oppose the bike lanes, but we are also making sure we understand and incorporate the views of those who are supporters of the bike lanes.

Although HVVRA will speak on behalf of our members in accordance with the results of the survey, the greatest impact that we can collectively have on this discussion is if our members get involved themselves.

Here are some details of two community meetings that has been organized by the City of Toronto to hear feedback from people who have some interest in the bike lanes (for or against). The bike lane advocacy groups are generally well organized through various cycling clubs and their long-standing connections with City staff, so “strength in numbers” is required to put forward any opposing views.

The City has planned two upcoming events that present an opportunity for each of us to voice our personal views on the bike lanes. These meetings are drop-in style so you can go whenever is convenient for you during these times. The two events are as follows:

Humber Summit Library (Etobicoke)

Date: Thursday, November 23
Time: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: 2990 Islington Avenue (Islington & Steeles)

Parkdale Library (Toronto)

Date: Monday, November 27
Time: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: 1303 Queen Street West (Queen & Dufferin/Lansdowne)

It is unclear to us why the City selected an Etobicoke location that is so far from where the bike lanes are having an impact. Your extra effort in attending these meetings will be appreciated by the HVVRA Board. Both locations are about a 20-25 minute drive. The Islington location is 45 minutes by bike along the roadway, or 55 minutes if you follow the scenic route along the northerly Humber River trail. The Parkdale Library is 25 minutes by bike.

In the spirit of supporting all of our members, here are some links to information both opposing and supporting bike lanes.



The City’s Consultation Report for Bloor St. Bike Lanes can be found at One of our members pointed out a couple of possible shortcomings of this report that we thought we would pass along:

The survey that the City used made no mention of the $12 million implementation costs and the $750,000 annual cost
Except for a counter at 1820 Bloor St. West (Bloor St. and Keele) in April 2023, the bicycle counters were located in the downtown core, not in the west end. This means there is limited, if any, data that supports extending bike lanes west to Kipling and beyond.

FYI….the specific questions HVVRA asked in our recent survey were:

1. Do you support the new bikes lanes on Bloor St. from Jane St. to Kipling Ave.?
2. Do you think the HVVRA should be active in the debate surrounding the new bike lanes on Bloor St.?
3. Do you think the HVVRA should oppose or support the new bike lanes on Bloor St.?

The HVVRA Board hopes to see you at one of these upcoming events.

HVVRA Board of Directors
November 18, 2023

“A Village within the City”