Annual General Meeting Update

The 2015 Annual General Meeting for the HVVRA was held on Monday June 22nd at Humber Valley United Church.

President Ian Ihnatowycz kicked off the meeting with a review of the work of the Board over the last twelve months and an update on the Site and Area Specific Policy (SASP) process which is expected to be completed by November, 2015.

Eight Directors were re-elected to the Board for the next year – Anne Anderson, Sue Harrison Kanko, Ian Ihnatowycz, Kathryn Minialoff, Andrea Pearson, Joanne Pickard, K. Barry Sparks, and Rosa Maria Tricta, along with new Director, Ivan Franko. Ivan is a residential and commercial architect whose skills and professional expertise will be invaluable as the Association works to ensure appropriate re-development in the neighbourhood.

Director Andrea Pearson provided an overview of Survey Monkey, an on-line tool the Board has recently licensed. Survey Monkey enables quick and effective polling of area residents on a variety of local interests (e.g. traffic patterns, preferred height and density limits etc.). Andrea reported the results of the first survey which had an excellent response rate. She urged residents to continue to respond to future surveys. She noted that individual survey responses are confidential but collective data will be forwarded to Planning and/or other appropriate parties so that the community feedback is formally registered.

Director Barry Sparks and Treasurer Kathryn Minialoff highlighted the audited financial statements.

Vice President Joanne Pickard presented the HVVRA with an award given by the Ontario Professional Planning Institute for Excellence in Planning for Urban/Community Planning that recognizes the community’s involvement in the ‘look’ of the final Humbertown Plaza design. Currently the award is residing at the office of Michael Spaziani, the architect who guided the design negotiations on behalf of the HVVRA as part of the OMB decision.

HVVRA Board of Directors

July 13, 2015