About the HVVRA

The Executive of the Humber Valley Village Residents’ Association is a group of volunteers who are committed to keeping our neighbourhood a vibrant, safe and well maintained community.

Once a year we ask you to support the HVVRA by renewing your membership for $30.00 for a house/condo or $10 for apartments. This is a small amount but it goes a long way to help us promote, protect and enhance our neighbourhood, and also to print and distribute newsletters. We need your name on our membership list to keep our association strong to respond to issues that arise in our municipality. (And, of course, if you would like to volunteer to be more actively involved, we could always use that help too!)

If you haven’t already renewed your membership for this year, please complete the short membership form below and mail it along with your membership fee to the address on the form or deliver it to any one of the Directors in your neighbourhood.

Thank you for your support.


The Board of Directors

HVVRA Executive and Board

Anne Legris Anderson President Elstree Road anne.anderson@@hvvra.ca
Joanne Pickard Vice-President Hartfield Court joanne.pickard@hvvra.ca
John Handiak Secretary Hartfield Court john.handiak@hvvra.ca
Kathryn Minialoff Treasurer Wimbleton Road kathryn.minialoff@hvvra.ca
Andrea Pearson Director, Communications Hartfield Court andrea.pearson@hvvra.ca
Rosa Maria Tricta Director, Membership Bromley Crescent rosa.tricta@hvvra.ca
Paul Daglish Director at Large Lambeth Road p.daglish@hvvra.ca
Christine Mackiw Director at Large Anglesey Boulevard christine.mackiw@hvvra.ca
Sue Harrison Kanko Director at Large Ashley Park Road sue.harrison@hvvra.ca